Galaxy provides the ability to upload files via the web interface (under the tool menu “Data Source” -> “Upload”), however this only allows one to upload one file at a time and web browsers generally limit uploads to 2 GB. Galaxy-P provides an FTP server that can be used to upload more and larger files.

Uploading Files

Property Value
Hostname usegalaxyp.org
Connection FTPS / FTP + Encyrption
Username E-mail used to register Galaxy-P account.
Port 990

The following walkthrough demonstrates how to connect to Galaxy-P FTP server using WinSCP and upload RAW data files. WinSCP is demonstrated because it is a popular piece of freely available software, but many other tools could be used as long as they support FTP with encryption.

  • Open WinSCP, specify connection information, and then click login. You may also want to give this connection a name and save it for later reuse.

  • The first time you connect, you will likely be prompted to store the hosts SSL certificate, do this by clicking “Yes”.

  • When prompted for your password, please enter it and click “Okay”.

  • If everything has gone well, you should now see two file browsers. The one on your left is your computer’s files and the one on the right is your Galaxy-P staging area (which should be initially empty).

    Using the left file browser, navigate to the files you wish to upload and select them.

  • Drag and drop these files to the right panel to begin the transfer and wait as the files are transfered.

  • Verify your files have been copied.

  • These files may now be imported into a Galaxy history using the “Data Source” -> “Upload” tool. When filling out the upload information, instead of using the browser upload option simply check the uploaded files in the “Files uploaded by FTP” section.

    Likewise, these a multiple file dataset can be created using these files and the “Multiple File Datasets” -> “Upload and merge” tool.